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About Joseph Land

     Joseph has always had an "eye for photography", and he sees the world as if through a viewfinder. Outside of photography, his passions include music, his job as a registered nurse, alone time in nature and frequent travel.

     As a naturally curious person, Joseph's been on many adventures. He has shared pomegranate with a kind Turkish family near the Mediterranean sea, ate ćevapčići in Sarajevo, smoked spiced hookah in Istanbul, drove the Alaska highway alone, was once “shook down” by a Romanian Gypsy, got lost in Albania, explored the Western Fjords of Iceland, wandered through the mountains of Transylvania, felt intimidated at a border crossing in Serbia, had his car break down on the French Rivera and bummed around Zurich, Berchtesgaden, Bavaria and Reykjavik, Iceland.

     Joseph also has a passion for humanitarian and environmental activism. He has devoted himself to environmental conservation and, as a protest against logging, he once lived in an ancient Redwood tree for two years as a means to keep it from being cut down. He has also volunteered his time with organizations working for Native American rights. This gave him the opportunity to live with traditional Navajo families on their generational homelands.

     Joseph current lives in Phoenix, Arizona. He works on a busy medical/surgical floor, but he likes to get out and and hone his photography skills every chance he gets.

     "Nizhoni (pronounced: "ni-zho-ni) is the Navajo word for "beautiful", so "Nizhoni Photo" is the perfect expression of what I strive for in my photography. I aim to capture landscapes in the same surreal and enchanting way I've experienced them in person. Thank you for visiting my website.

- Joseph

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