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Nizhoni Photo offers two ways to purchase images:


     1. Buying prints directly from the website

     2. Ordering custom framed prints from the photographer


To order framed images, please browse through the available photos through the "Purchase - Prints" link and select the images you would like framed. 


     Please take note of the “Image Code” below each image. 


Click the “Contact” link and email your purchase request including:


     1. Your name

     2. Your preferred email and mailing address

     3. The image code for each photo you are requesting

     4. Please make the subject of your email "Framed Image Request"


Payments are preferred through Paypal, but we will also gladly accept check or money order.


Once payment is received, your prints will be ordered immediately. Joseph (the photographer) will be available to address any questions or concerns throughout the delivery process.


All images are professionally custom framed by Bay Photo. Photos are printed through Bay Photo's state of the art printers and framed by the hand of a professional. The photos are encased in a closed frame, complete with a high quality matted boarder and an acrylic window. Joseph will communicate with you prior to your order confirmation regarding your choice of framing wood.


Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with a full, no questions asked, money-back promise.


We are currently offering framed images as 8x12 prints with a 2 inch matted border. Larger sizes are coming soon.


     The cost is 150$ for each framed print, including free shipping in the continental US.



Thank you for your interest in my art!

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